In 2007, my youngest son was seven years old, he was mauled by a dog. While we were at the hospital waiting for the plastic surgeon to work his magic, my wife told him not to be afraid. He told her, in his morphine induced calmness, that he wasn’t afraid of anything except gorillas and scissors. I asked him, ‘What about gorillas with scissors?’ and he replied deadpan, ‘Them too.’ I swore in that moment if I ever founded my own publishing company that would be the name. So that’s how we got our name, from a stoned, seven year old boy who’d been savaged by a dog.

Only in America… and maybe Canada.

Five years later, and after a long and frustrating process of trying to go the traditional publishing route, I decided to found my own publishing company. For two and a half years I worked a regular job and took the baby steps needed to grow the Monkey House. Along the way I encountered Mrs. Jennifer Tovar, who changed the game forever. She started out as my editor and eventually became my equal partner. At the end of 2014 we merged our separate operations into one and made GWSP our only occupation. 

So what are we?

At Gorillas With Scissors Press we believe the creators should guide their own visions and thus, should reap the rewards. We are an indie publishing house with our products spanning the gamut. No genre is off limits in the Monkey House—from Horror, Romance, Erotica, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and everything in between, GWSP has it!

We are the home for the indie writer looking for a safe place to create and not have to worry about having their creations stolen out from under them or being exploited by unscrupulous publishers. We are a cooperative group dedicated to nurturing writers and preparing them for long and productive careers. We believe in the New Model of publishing where the traditional gatekeepers are set aside and creators have the freedom to create.

- Josh Hilden (Co-Head Monkey)