Why Does The Monkey House Exist?


            I was asked a question by a writer friend of mine a week or so ago, one of the people I got to know during my years working in the RPG Industry. He asked me why instead of concentrating on my own ideas and just pushing my work I’m taking the time to work with other writers. He wanted to know why I was spending so much time on other people’s stories when I have so many of my own.

            Fair enough question, because I enjoy it?

            Okay that maybe true but it’s far from the main reason. Like a lot of veteran writers I was once a new writer (shocker right) and like a LOT of new writers I was taken advantage of by someone I trusted. No need to rehash that ancient and buried history there are those who say I’ve done that more than enough in the last seven years. But to make a long and stupid story short suffice it to say I leaned from the experience without letting it destroy me.

            How did I make it through the depression after the experience?

            Well after my friends and family it was the Indie Writer community. The support I received was instrumental in rebuilding my nascent career and taking the steps needed to make it to the next rungs on the publishing ladder. I learned a lot in the years I “Went It Alone” I made my share of mistakes and tripped in the common potholes we all find hidden on the path. I know it sounds a little conceited but I like to think I can help new writers avoid some of the more painful mistakes I made along the way.

            Yeah that sounds douchey even to me but it’s true.

            So that’s why our bizarre and wonderful little indie family is here. Yes, of course, we want to make money but we also want to encourage new people. We want to branch into every genre and when I say every genre I do mean EVERY GENRE. If one of us breaks off and hits it big with one of the Big 5 or as an indie it’s not jealousy I’ll feel it’s the same pride I felt when my daughter walked across the stage at her High School graduation two months ago.

            I do this because I love it and I will never be ashamed of that.



            Josh Hilden (Co-Head Monkey)




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Josh Hilden

When I was born on August 3, 1976 in the great state of Michigan the hills shook and the sky was swept with fire. These were portents of the greatness for my future that was written in the stars ... I'm still waiting for that greatness. My name is Josh Hilden and I am many things. I am a husband, a father, a son, a friend. These are all important things but at my core I am an artist and the medium that I work in is words. I am a writer of Horror, Science Fiction, Drama, and Role Playing Games. I worked for Palladium Books (www.palladiumbooks.com) and Third Eye Games (www.thirdeyegames.net) before striking out on my own and founding a small press publishing company Gorillas with Scissors Press (www.gwspress.com). I also work for Fat Goblin Games (www.fatgoblingames.com). In the everyday world I can be found spending time with my family and friends. I have been married to my lovely wife Karen since 1996 and we have six amazing children. We tend to be a family of unabashed geeks and gamers who were geek before geek was chic. If you are really interested in me I am very active online with a personal and a writing blog along with a plethora of social media outlets. If you have any questions or just want to chat hit me up!